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StockVision Suite Videos


 Options Trading

All About Options

Options are contracts between shareholders and potential shareholders, and they provide a way to achieve large leverage at a fraction of the normal cost. Options trading is considered "feast or famine" by some due to their volatile nature, but successful investing should adopt a few options strategies in one form or another.

For example, a portfolio manager can obtain a much higher yield by selling options against stocks that are held long term. Or engaging in option spreads which are low-risk money making instruments.


Safe Option Strategies

Some traders shy away from options because they have a reputation for sharp losses and are inherent with other horror stories. But there are various forms of options trading, not all of which are high risk, and some are even safe for portfolios that cannot tolerate losses (such as IRA's and 401K's).

This section covers the safer strategies with options, including credit spreads, debit spreads, and covered calls.

Understanding the mechanism of options can produce a much higher yield than straight stock investing, so this is a "must know" for any trader.


Stock Trading

Trader's X-Box
(rollout of PowerScan-Pro)

This is a recording of a webinar to roll out PowerScan-Pro. Learn the important bells and whistles from this video and how to get an edge.





PowerScan Filters


PowerScan-Pro lets you set up your own custom stock filter to screen for stocks that match your criteria. And it scans in real time!

If you're looking for a favorite setup, simple of complex, this video shows how to create a filter and you can run it against 2000 stocks. Scan at any interval--1 minute to monthly.




PowerScan Filters
(How to detect one EMA crossing another)


This short video answers one of the most frequently asked questions: "How can I detect one EMA from crossing another?"

The answer lies in this video about PowerScan filters!




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