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Our Trading Academy is a comprehensive, section-by-section course to acquire the necessary skills to grow a portfolio like the pros. Unlike other sites and educational materials, we include turnkey software that rates stocks in real time, supports live charts, simulates stock and option trading, and can replay the entire market to sharpen your skills.

There is no better training materials in town!

The Academy consists of eight live sessions (webinars) with Q&A as well as written material. The entire  curriculum is hands-on, for both stocks and options, using our paper traders and market replay features.


All software products are part of the Academy. They are not for sale or subscription separately. Once you are an Academy member, all software is available free of charge and free of ongoing charges*.

Cost of Academy: $395
Includes 8 lives sessions held each weak, interactive Q&A,
written material, and free use of all software products)

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*If you already own our software, discounts will be applied to the Academy price.