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Why "Trader's XBox?"

Because PowerScan-Pro is powerful, yet simple, and enhances your trading skill. And it's fun as well as addictive!

Custom screening. Screen for your favorite setup, alerts for chart patterns, simple or complex.

Replay any session. "Trade" against past market data.

Live and extended hours data scanning (all real-time).

Live charts: Intraday, daily and weekly.

Instant "news". Alerts on the presence of recent news for any stock.

Dynamic new highs, new lows, volume change, next earnings date---all in real-time stock tables.

Full trading simulator. Ideal for developing trading skills without losing money.

 $59 one-month trial.

A fully functioning version can be enabled 30 days for a one-time charge of $59. Can be applied to the purchase of the product if bought before the one-month trial has completed.

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