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Why PowerScan-Pro?

Because you can search for a specific chart setup, in real time, test its merit with the trading simulator and/or by back testing in previous market sessions. Complete with live charts, custom watch lists, and real time financial news. Furtheremore, it's free*.

Live data scanning: Locate optimum trades in seconds.

Live charts: Examine the chart of each stock for what is happening right now.

Instant news: Alerts on the presence of recent news for any stock.

Replay today's market, tick-by-tick: Was today's market session challenging? "Trade" again, tick by tick!

Full trading simulator: Ideal for developing trading skills without losing money. Trades against real time data.

Basic platform is free: Free version is full-featured with limitations; paid version is a one-time charge (no monthly fees).


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 * Basic product is free; a premium version is available with enhanced features for a fee. See our comparison table.


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